Nadia's Elderflower Cordial

21st May

This time of year brings with it many joys and for us one of them is the making and drinking of elderflower cordial.  We try hard to use the first flowers of the season, enjoy the drink and watch the bottles slowly empty and then frantically dash out in search of the final elderflower blooms to make a last batch of the season.

Try it, it is delicious and so subtle a taste.  ~ Plus, you know me, it is quick and easy!

You will need: large pan, large bowl, tea cloth, sterilised bottles for the cordial, I used 2 x 1l bottles

20 elderflower heads
1.2l water
1.8kg sugar
2 lemons
75g citric acid

First gather 20 elderflower heads

Place the water and sugar in a heavy bottomed pan and heat until all the sugar has dissolved.  Make sure you keep stirring to avoid any burning of the sugar.  Mixture begins cloudy.

Once the sugar is dissolved the solution should be clear.

Pare the lemons making as wide a strip as possible. Put to one side.

Slice both lemons and discard ends.

Shake each flower head to remove any little insects and place in a
large bowl, with lemon peel and slices.

Add the water/sugar solution and then sprinkle on the citric acid,
stir to make sure it has dissolved into the mixture.  Cover with a tea towel and
leave overnight or for up to 24 hours at room temperature.

When ready, prepare a jug with muslin ready to separate the flowers
and lemon etc from the liquid.  you should be able to
smell the elderflower at this point, I just love it!

Carefully pour the mixture into the jug, try not to spill it as the cordial is very sticky indeed!

Finally remove the muslin and pour the clear cordial into sterilised bottles.

And if you are as lucky as I was today with the blue skies, you can drink it whilst sitting outside crocheting and listening to the birds, pure bliss, this is early summer in a glass for me!

This year as always, I shall especially drink a glass of elderflower cordial
on June 1st and raise a silent toast to Nadia x
♥ Love to you all ♥


  1. Delicious Selma! I hope that you enjoy many glasses of cordial in the garden! xx

    1. Thank you amy, I hope so too, on eclectichomelife fb page, someone said after making this, they put the cordial in freezer cube trays and so they could just pop an ice cube into a glass of water. though that a great idea and will give it a go on my next batch.♥

  2. Yum. The taste of spring. :-)

  3. The taste of Spring indeed, are you making any this year?


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