Crocheted heart bunting, lots of it!

These hearts are addictive to make
19th May

The fast pace of life seems to be ever speeding up and I am not managing to do all that I would like.  However, everything is made more bearable by the lovely weather that the UK has been experiencing.  I have just come back from a lovely week in Norway, see post here where I spent quality time with my mother and managed to work on our boat for a couple of days too.  By being in Norway I was reminded of the beauty of the country and how much I love trees and all things green.  I need seasons, do you?  I am ready for the summer, fed up of the mild wet winter and yearn for the sun, but by the end of the summer I shall be longing for log fires and crocheted warm blankets to keep me snug.

Last summer I was on a mission to make as long a row of heart crocheted bunting as I could for a garden party that we were hosting and so during my summer holidays, I was seen with crochet hook in hand.  I came across a delightful blog where I found these gorgeous hearts and there was the beginning of my bunting making...

These hearts are quick to make, extremely contagious and seem to breed like rabbits.  I dare you to only make one!  The instructions are so simple and the photographs to accompany make for a very easy to follow tutorial.  Therefore I will not repeat it here, but urge you to follow the link below. 

Hope you enjoy my heart bunting and the scenery of Norway, it is breath taking.

Bunting in front of a typical Norwegian log cabin

Silver birch is to be found every where in Norway, they even
use the teeny branches as a whisk in cooking!


For the heart pattern that I used, follow the link:

And not forgetting the knitters amongst you, although I have as yet to try these out, they are a very similar design and feel to the crochet hearts and would make an equally as good bunting line!

Have a great week and long may the sun shine!

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  1. The bunting is lovely!! I can see why you are addicted to making them. Lovely to see some more of your Norway photos too. xx

    1. Thank you. Since making it we have used it even more than I expected. Glad you are enjoying the Norway pics. I have do very many ;)

  2. Love your bunting.Pop over to my blog and see what I am making to put in my garden.Barbarax

    1. Thank you. Glad you like it. Your garden creatures are fun too


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