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      A little Monday 'makeitsewcial' make!

      September 2nd 

      The beginning of September is always a busy time, school uniforms need to be pulled out of
      The current popular 'V'  stitch.
      cupboards, checked for fitting, usually then requiring to make a mad last minute dash to the shops and then there is the oh so painful school shoes buying, I dread it every year.  Add to that we host a regatta here every year, sounds huge and posh, it is not, but it is great fun and consequently is the time of year when I do my 'spring clean' as so many people are in our house for the three days that there is no where to hid all my mess, it HAS to be sorted.  So what did I do on one day this week when I should have been busy choring?  Hooking of course!

      If you are on Instagram (IG) then you may have come across Allison Sadler (IG name:  @allison_sadler_ ) who runs what I can only believe to be a very eclectic and lovely shop in Birmingham called simply,  People. It is on my must do,  I will visit one day list, I really will!   She has a website  here , which includes her blog page too. But what Allison has done which is so special is that she has brought people together from across the world through IG on a Monday by creating a Make it Sewcial day.  Whereby people can post their makes on a Monday and share their days creation.  Generally the posts that I have added to this group are quick makes that can be completed in one day.  Each week Allison chooses her crafter of the week and makes a collage display of some of her favourites from that Monday.  Allison herself blogs about her make on her web page and uploads her pictures to IG too.  At 9pm on a Monday night there is usually a crafting chat forum on IG as well.  The beauty of IG is the instantness of it and the need to be brief and give and receive quick responses.  I love it and am converted.

      I knew therefore I was very short on time but fancied being involved, so used the quick 'V' stitch which is currently a hot favourite stich on the internet right now, it hooks up so quickly and gives a very pleasing effect.

      I based this small bag around a cut up cereal box, which I trimmed to a size to hold a few colourful envelopes to take my happy post to the post office.  I am in a crochet group that swaps squares and this would be perfect for holding the completed squares in their envelopes whilst waiting for me to take them to be stamped and sent to countries across the world.

      So I just chained enough to tightly go round my now mini cereal box and crocheted until I had the height of the box too.  I then made a separate rectangle crochet piece to fit the base of the box.  The trickiest part was sewing the pieces together and joining the side seam.  It was in actual fact easier to sew the pieces whilst they were resting on the box to obtain the correct size.

      I did not want to use glue to attach the crochet to the box so instead hit upon the idea of blanket stitching the crochet to the top of the box.  This actually worked out rather well and held everything in place.  Remember I am only using this as a storage for happy post and so it will not be required to hold anything heavy.  Using the cereal box just gave it shape and hopefully will avoid the crochet from stretching, which as many of you may know is a problem with knitted or crocheted bags.

      Finally I half double crocheted two handles and sewed them in place!

      I was a bit cheeky with this make as I made it too for another group that I am in as there was a challenge to create some form of storage bag, trying to be a bit different led me to this storage, as to the to this other group, the granny square swap group of course, the reason for the need for this cute little happy post bag!

      Have a great week wherever you are, keep those comments coming in, I just love reading and responding to them


      1. A great make Selma!! I like the idea of the box as it works well to hold the items to be posted and as you say stops any of that stretching and so on. I like the stitching too of course!! xx

      2. Thanks Amy, I now want to try a bigger version and maybe attach it to a bag for life made out of hessian/jute, think that would be colourful and fun!


      I will always read all comments and will try to reply but it may take me a couple of days, do please pop back and lets get a conversation going...