Crocheted shawl and North Norway

September 9th

If you have been following my blog then you will know that this year we were in Norway partaking of a road trip north and then sailing in the arctic.  If however you are new here, a big hearty welcome, bring your coffee over and have a little peruse, hope you will enjoy your visit.

Our original intention was to sail Brimble (our boat) to Tromso in the north, but due to unforeseen circumstances we had to stop a few miles short and leave her in the north of Lofoton instead.  This did cause a slight hiccup in that we had very good friends who had planned their summer holiday around us arriving in Tromso and spending a couple of days with us there!

Chess championships meant Tromso was busy
So a taxi journey, an overnight stay and a  long ferry ride later we arrived  at the dock in Tromso to be met by our friends who had driven all the way from the UK.  There was much jesting over how it was quicker to drive then sail, felt all very Top Gear to me, and teasing that we could not organise a p*** up in a brewery as we had known for 12 months we wanted to leave the boat here in the north.  Enough about that, sore point.

Of course, where to stay as we could now not sleep on Brimble.  Would you believe we choose the one time when Tromso was FULL!  Norway was host to the world chess championships and delegates plus friends and family from over 80 countries from all over the world had taken over the town.  We managed to get the last room in a very expensive hotel.  Have you been to Norway?  It is expensive anyway, so when I say expensive even by Norwegian standards we are talking a colossal amount of money!

Chess: if you can't beat them, join them!

Everywhere in the town there were chess boards

Someone had even chequer painted their house!
Tromso has quite a bit to offer and we felt we could not come here and miss the most northern cathedral of the world.  We were lucky enough to visit for a midnight concert in the Arctic cathedral.  I cannot tell you how special and magical it was and how the beautiful signing and stripped down musical accompaniment echoed so chillingly within the cathedral.  Should you ever get a chance to visit and listen to the fantastic acoustics inside, then GO.

2230 at night and so light

A fantastic building dominating the landscape
First glimpse of the cathedral

We arrived early to look around the cathedral

The stained glass window
was enormous and impressive
Glass structure housing the boat 'Polstjerna'

Tromso had a real eclectic mix of buildings and architecture, ranging from old to very modern.  It was a pleasure to walk around the town and stop at cafes and soak up the atmosphere.  We were lucky with the weather too!

Tromso's newest building, The Edge hotel

Attention was even given to man hole covers!

Statues were in abundance within the town.
We enjoyed the museum of Amundsen

I loved this lady at the bus stop, notice
the chequer board flower bed in the back ground too!
But what holiday would be complete in the north without making a Nordic Shawl? 
I had promised myself that I was going to complete four shawls/scarves that I liked the patterns of before the year was out and this Nordic shawl became my second of a set of four.  The shawl is designed by Annette based in Switzerland and she has a delightful blog, if you have not come across it before, I urge you to take a look   here     I bought the yarn with this shawl in mind and wanted it to be my spring/summer shawl, choosing Rico baby yarn, soft and light was ideal for this project.  Link to pattern below.
This Nordic shawl became my road trip, sailing and tourist visitor make, which proved to be a great project as it was easy to pick up and put down at a seconds notice.  I had printed out the pattern, Annette's instructions are crystal clear and come with lots of colour photographs.  I did not make a mistake once, it was that easy to follow.
Easy granny stitches

The shawl begins to take shape

Crocheting in the car,
 following the excellent instructions

It's growing

Starting to add the border

Crocheting on the ferry

Early morning crochet on the pontoon by the boat

In Lofoton crocheting, it was a great backdrop
Crocheting on Brimble
The trim is almost finished, a Nordic shawl in north Norway
All that was left to complete this beautiful shawl was the blue trim, we flew from Tromso to the south of Norway and spent four days there and I managed to finish the shawl...just!  On the last row of the blue trim, I ran out of wool, with only a quarter of a row to go!  Why did I run out, was it the patterns fault?  No!  I changed the colours and did not go exactly with the order that was in the pattern and ended up using an extra row of blue!  That will teach me for not following a pattern exactly.  So the last quarter of a row had to wait till I ordered more yarn on my return to the UK.
The completed Nordic Shawl

But, hurrah! now the Nordic shawl is completed and I am a happy bunny.  It is light, muted in the main colour, with zest added in the trim and is a light shawl to wear.  I am one happy girl.  thank you Annette for such a great pattern.

Want to see the two shawls side by side...

The Nordic shawl, left, the Sunday shawl, right
To buy the Nordic pattern follow the link: here
♥Enjoy your week and hope the sun is shining wherever you are♥ 


  1. Hi.I discovered your blog via Attic 24.I loved seeing your pictures of Norway. I bring to a national lodge called Daughters of Norway. Looks like you had a great trip. And your shawl is beautiful. I love the border colors.

    1. Glad you found me and welcome here any time. I have just googled Daughters of Norway. Thanks for the tip. My sister has just moved to DC so I will let her know. Thanks so much again x


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