Cushions again?!?

September 19th 

On Tuesday I drove over to my MIL to collect some of my FIL things.  It is always a difficult and raw time after you loose someone and touching their belongings too seems both right and wrong.  Mixed emotions.

On return home, I could not lift some of the items out of the car and so there they stayed until the children came home and helped me, but I did look through one bag on Wednesday morning and my whole day suddenly changed.  That which I had planned flew out of the window and nostalgia took over and the sewing machine had to come out.  What did I find?  My FILs old shirts...  I knew that they were coming into our house, but I did not realise the effect they would have on me.  I had a day full of memories and began to cut up the old shirts and make cushions for the grandchildren out of them.  Something to hold and snuggle, something of their grandfather.

As I was making five cushions out of six shirts I had to be a little creative in how I used the shirts, but think they turned out well.  The two that have received theirs certainly appreciated them and have pride of place on the sofa.  I still have three to finish, the fronts are made, but I am waiting on cushion inners and then I will make the backs up and hope to post them to their new homes next week...

Each letter had a template made up first

Trying to keep the stripes in line!

Good old zig zag on the machine

Attaching the 'J' was the hardest letter of them all

The pink and blue looked particularly good, I thought

The three cushions still to complete

Completed shirt cushion
I used an envelope style pattern, so no zips needed and
incorporated the breast pocket of the shirt too
 on the back side of the cushion

This shirt back was so soft and very tactile

The children loved their new cushions and
snuggled up with them immediately

Even the cat loves the cushions,
 they hold memories for us all
Memories are important and this little thing I did on Wednesday made me look back on happy days but also forward.  Life has to go on...

Hoping you all have a beautiful weekend


  1. what a lovely idea.I am sure they will be treasured.

    1. Thank you. We have had difficult days but we take small steps x

  2. Hi Selma, just catching up now that I am back, I have been reading, just not commenting. Your cushions from your last post were so very pretty, but these are so wonderful. It is such a great way to keep the memories of a Grandad and to be able to have a hug at the same time when you need it from time to time. You are a very talented, kind and thoughtful lady indeed. xx

    1. What a lovely thing to say Amy. Thank you from the bottom of my ❤️

  3. Selma, I'm so sorry for your loss. I am simply dazzled by your creativity. Wish I'd thought to do this with my father's shirts. A grand idea!

    1. Than you so very much. It was a bitter sweet day making them but am so very glad I did. Sorry for your loss too. Sending hugs x

  4. Such a touching tribute to your FIL. I admire that you've brought your creativity to this, too.

    1. Thank you Phil. The children seem happy with them too ❤️


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