Bunting and bits

September 25th 
Bunting can be used at any time of the year, not just summer!

 My crochet mojo has gone momentarily and the sewing bug has taken over for a while.  This week has seen me burning the midnight oil and making bunting and lots of it.  The British are excellent at putting up bunting for summer parties, just to make us feel jolly, picnics and some even when they are camping.  2012 saw nearly the whole country become bunting mad, especially with those depicting the national flag for the Queen's diamond jubilee and for the summer Olympics in London. A street party, and the British know how to throw those so well, is not a street party without bunting.

However, bunting does not need to come down now that the days are shorter and the temperature is dropping.  True, I have removed the bunting from the garden, but now is time to dress the house a bit and continue that summer feel indoors.

Cutting out all in one go was
the quickest option

I have made bunting this week for all sorts of occasions, some for a children's bedroom, some for the dining room, short lengths for hanging over the fireplace, I will be careful when I light the fire and some for the kitchen too.  Dare I mention the C word in September?  Look at the last pictures and you will see that I have made several in preparation for the festive season also! 

Bunting is fun to make, but boy is it time consuming.  I found the best thing to do was to cut out all my shapes first, then sew them right sides together, straight away, one after the other.  Then I had a
mammoth turn them all inside out and iron session before I could place them on the tape or bias binding depending on which I was using at the time.  It took a long time, but it was worth it!

I think bunting looks lovely and I may turn my hand to some elegant lacy ones for the dining room, hung up for grown up dinner parties...

Bunting for a child's room

Bunting does not have to be triangular, play with shapes, it's fun

Bunting and fairy light, a good combination

Miniature bunting on a short length,
perfect for dressing up an internal door...

...or perfect for dressing up a fire place
Funky shaped bunting made from retro men's shirts

 Look away now if it is too early for you to even consider the C word in September... these are all to be finished on the sewing machine, but I am almost there!

A short piece of bunting, ideal for chair, door
or fireplace dressing.  Where else would
you put the bunting?

Changing the colour of the bunting line
but keeping the fabric the same creates
a different look very easily.

Same bunting material, but different sizes
and different colour bunting lines

  What have you been up to this week?


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you. Once you get in the swing you suddenly see more potential and ideas than when you started!

  2. Replies
    1. Now I wish I had thought of that as the posts title. Brilliant and thank you.

  3. Wow!! I know you said you'd been making a LOT of bunting, but this collection is amazing in both size and beauty. No wonder you've been burning the midnight oil. So are you finished, now?

    1. I am and have actually made lots more than is here on the blog. Have started sewing some other things snd have not crocheted in over 10 dats! What's wrong with me?


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