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      Crochet rings

      October 1st 
      I think  my crochet mojo might be slowly returning.  I have been squirreling away making things for
      Christmas and I will show you all in good time, but do not want to freak anyone out about the C word yet!!

      However in the mean time, to ease myself back into crochet I have begun on small and very quick projects.  Shh, these would make good Christmas presents, ahh, did I say that!?!?!?

      Ring blanks ready for a crocheted adornment

      A good friend of mine recently sent me some happy post of ring blanks, these are rings with a small circular base ready for attaching whatever ornament/decoration you choose for your ring.  This got me thinking and as I have several books that include crochet flowers and a quick search on the internet will produce many free patterns also.  I set to work.  Again using just what I had at home, often these ideas take hold after shop hours and when the small ones are in bed, I used cotton yarn and a 1.75m hook.  I was, pardon the pun, hooked.  Such fun trying out different crochet flowers and seeing how they turn out.  Red is one of my favourite colours and so as it is the season of remembrance, albeit in 6 weeks, I thought to try my hand at a poppy first.

      A great book for both knitters and crocheters is one of my favourites and one which I return to again and again for inspiration is Lesley Stanfield's 100 flowers to knit & crochet.  It was from here that I used the three patterns below, the poppy, the Michaelmas daisy and the rose.

      A quick crochet flower, some glue and a basic jewellery
      making ring and you have a unique custom made ring!
      Once the flowers were made I used crafting glue, very similar to PVA which when wet is white, see above picture of the poppy, excuse the blurred picture and on drying dries clear.

      This was made by crocheting four separate petals and then stitching
       together.  The centre was a larger version of a petal but then
      gathered together to make the bulbous look


      I think the rings rather quirky, a little bit of frivolous fun and am looking forward to wearing them and making more!

      Have a happy October everyone!


      1. Replies
        1. Thank you. I am a tad smitten myself. Might you give them a go?

      2. Replies
        1. Thanks Amy. Glad you like it! Hope all is well with you x

      3. Cute! A lot of my friends knit and crochet, but I'm not that talented. Any kind of needlework just makes me cross-eyed and crabby!

        1. Then maybe you should drop them a hint to make you something ;) These are so very quick to make. Thanks for commenting. Am sure you can do things that they can't!

      4. Yet another brilliantly clever idea, beautifully executed. Glad you've finished the bunting! But please, PLEASE don't mention the C-word...

        1. Thank you. Am having great fun wearing them. If I can't mention you know what. I can't tell you what else I have been up to! ūüėČ


      I will always read all comments and will try to reply but it may take me a couple of days, do please pop back and lets get a conversation going...