A walking weekend without walking

15th March

We are away with dear friends for our annual south west coastal path walk. Each time we walk a different section. Accommodation was booked months ago and for me our March weekend away signals the beginning of Spring. A weekend of outdoors regardless of the weather, although in fact it has always been fine maybe because we always prepare for the worst and are always pleasantly surprised. There is a wonderful Norwegian saying:  Det fins ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlig klær. Roughly translated it means: There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.

This year however on our last walking sneaky week away in the Lakes, I fell and it turns out I tore a few ligaments in my foot. I'm out of action for 8-12 weeks and so our walking party of 4 is now 3. 

As the others walked I mooched along the coast pottering in shops and driving from scenic spot to scenic view. I have had a fantastic time despite being on my own during the day. I've had time for reflection, been able to blow the cobwebs and generally just enjoyed being me with me. I quite like my own company.  It was however wonderful meeting up with the others in the evening.  So not the weekend we all expected but nonetheless glorious all the same. The south coast of the UK is magnificent and I love it. I leave you with a visual itinary of my weekend so far...

Weymouth, Friday night

What's the seaside without a little fortune telling...

The above photo was the vessel that allowed King George III to dip in the sea. Apparently in 1789 there was such a carnival atmosphere that as he emerged from the sea a band began playing God Save the King. 

As I was not walking, I thought I would sneak in lots
of crochet time, but actually enjoyed the sightseeing
so much I only managed half an hour on Friday night
Chesil Beach on Saturday

What a Sunlit day, Spring IS in the air, for half an hour it was glorious

Chesil beach

Chesil beach from Portland, looking towards mainland UK

Weymouth was the host town for the London 2012 sailing competition

Portland Bill, I've never seen it before from the shore side, only ever from the sea and on our boat

Again this was made during the lifetime of George III. The locals wanted to thank him for choosing their locality as his second home, he even bought a house on the sea front at Weymouth that this chalk hill horse and king figure was made in his honour. Unfortunately he became ill in London and never actually managed to see it. In 2009 it was refurbished after 200 years of neglect so that for the 2012 Olympics it would once again stand proud on the hillside; Weymouth was of course host town to the Olympic sailing. 

This is how the south west coastal path looks for much of the time. I just love it. 
Saturday night B & B

Lulworth Cove B & B

Quite a pink room?!!?

So much attention to detail everywhere


Stair hole, just look at the rock formation.  It reads like a book they say if you know your geology.  This is part of the Jurassic coast of the UK, a world heritage site.

View from our window, looking down to Lulworth Cove
Sunday morning and the weather was a little more dull
Corfe Castle

Corfe village with the Castle behind


Beach huts at Swanage

Can't resist the sand

Looking across Swanage Bay

Waiting for the chain link ferry at Studland to take me home

I am now home, the weather has turned cold and grey, I am about to light the fire but do you know what... I do not mind.  I have had a taste of Spring this weekend and what ever the weather does for the next few weeks, I can cope because it won't be long now to warmth and sunshine long daylight hours...

I am joining in with Karen on her sunlit Sunday theme, do pop over and see what others around the world are sharing today:  Sunlit Sunday host
♥  Spring is on it's way  ♥


  1. Beautiful pictures! Love the beach - what a wonderful place to be! Happy Sunday xxx

    1. It was wonderful Chrissy. I can really smell Spring in the air

  2. What an interesting account of your weekend trip: beautiful landscapes and fascinating historic sites. Oh, I do love that pink room! :)
    Thank you for sharing and have a great week ahead!

    1. It was a jolly weekend indeed. Hope you have a great week too

  3. So sorry to hear about your fall but time to yourself is never a bad thing.

    1. Thank you. These things happen. I am hobbling as if I were a 100 year woman but I'm still having fun x

  4. Sorry about the injury ..hope it mends soon.
    Love the photographs ..it looks a beautiful part of the World that I'd enjoy but truthfully am unlikely to ever visit in person ..so especial thanks for the virtual visit. Aren't the beach huts lovely!

    1. You are most welcome. I will remover to blog more about the UK and help you armchair travel here. X

    2. It should of course read remember not remover!!!!!!

  5. So much to see and explore! I wonder what the king did when he heard the band play. :)) Neat shadow on the walkway and I love the colourful beach huts.

    1. Apparently he was quite taken aback! But he must have not minded as he spent 12 further summers in Weymouth

  6. Great photos, I completely understand why you walk part of the path each year. We did one section, it was a bit scary, but beautiful.
    Hope your foot gets better soon.

    1. Thanks. My favourite section was north Devon. But we made a little cculation error in the mileage so had to walk 17 miles instead Ovtober, it was no fun come down the steep hills in the dark. It was by Clovelly. But the nights accommodation and food plus the days scenery was totally worth it. Which part did you walk?

  7. Spring is in the air, and it seems to have breezed by your parts, before its formal arrival, today, on this 20th day in March! Sorry to hear about your fall, and hope you are on the mend.

    The photo of that coastal path is pure enchantment!


    1. I hadn't thought if the coastal path as enchantment but actually you are right. At some points it winds it's way through date led forests, through beautiful fields and often as you saw it in this photograph. Always with the sea on one side. It really is enchantment. Thank you Poppy

  8. I am sorry you hurt your foot, but it seems that you made the best of the situation and found ways to enjoy yourself on the weekend getaway. The scenery is ruggedly beautiful!


    1. I always try to be half full. We did have a wonderful time and you are right. It certainly was ruggedly beautiful.

  9. I love the coast path too, I have walked from Sidmouth to Chesil beach a few years ago. Carried all my gear, tent and everything! next time I think I will do it sections too with accommodation perhaps. Nice to meet you.


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