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      T shirt upcycle

      16th March 

      Mamma keeps clothes at my house so she doesn't have to cart her belongings back and forth to Norway.  When last here, she sorted through her clothes and chose to charity some and bin others.  It was left to me to dispose of said garments in an orderly fashion, but they were out of sight and out of mind, literally.  Until that was, yesterday. 

      Amongst her items was a very serviceable t shirt in the charity pile, when suddenly I had a light bulb moment.  My next crochet class I have asked everyone to bring in small towels as we are going to learn how to crochet edges.  Looking sideways at the t shirt, I decided to have a pre teaching practise.  It didn't hurt either that it's Monday and I had nothing in mind for the Make It Sewcial make, click on the link if you are clueless to what I am alluding: Make It Sewcial   Below are my results.  Not sure yet that I would wear this out, might do for a spot of gardening, but it has started my creative juices flowing, what about you, any suggestions as how to improve, expand on this...

      Using pen marking on my index finger to
      make spacing of the blanket stitch even

      Completed blanket stitch

      Adding slip stitch around the whole armhole
      after the blanket stitch

      Beginnings of the scallop edge

      Ta-dah! or is it?

      Close up of the finished sleeve
      I am thinking the blanket stitches are too long and makes it too much of the home crafted feel.  I do not want to throw myself back to the 1970's (nothing wrong with that era, don't get me wrong or write in in your hoards that I shouldn't be slamming such a glam rock age, but I remember the hippy fashion only too well...)  I am sure this could be developed further and be rather fun, just need to figure out how, that is where it would be great if you could all help me please.

      ♥  Here's to a great creative week  ♥


      1. I love it! I agree about the long blanket stitches though. I think I would also stick to a matching colour. I think with a cream or white t-shirt with matching crochet lace it would look rather elegant. Great upcycle. I think I might just make one for a gift. :)

        1. Fabulous idea. White or cream would be perfect for the summer too. I'm also thinking edging in the bottom of 3/4 length trousers. I think you are right about matching colour. Thanks do much. Let me know when you make one what you do please. X

      2. I agree I'd suggest a matching colour for that first join to material row.. There is an alternate joining method suggested here http://blog.goodsmiths.com/2013/01/15/diy-heirloom-wedding-gift-crocheted-lace-linens-free-pattern/
        I just still need to learn to crochet ..lol
        btw I think you were entitled to Ta dahhh!!!!!!

        1. Great link. Thank you so much. Have just crocheted a pillow case edge with the above idea of keeping yarn same colour as the material and using the beginnings of one of the edges in your link. Thank you !! Will post pictures on blog next week. XXX

      3. Just found this, what a brilliant idea to get the spacing equal. The finished t-shirt looks good.

        1. Thanks Polly. Simple and easy to use the market on the finger spacing. ūüėČ


      I will always read all comments and will try to reply but it may take me a couple of days, do please pop back and lets get a conversation going...