Knitted Easter balls Scandinavian style

11th March 

Easter knitted designs
One of my New Year's resolutions was to crack knitting and to enjoy it as much as crocheting.  I am well on the way.  A few weeks ago I posted my Valentines balls, click here: Valentine baubles  and now I show you all the knitted balls together both heart based and Easter based. 

Arne and Carlos, two very talented knitting designers from Norway have made knitted baubles/balls popular world wide.  They have a huge following, Japan being their latest conquer.  I am a little bit in love with their designs.  I too blogged about their knitted Christmas balls here: Christmas baubles

It is with thanks as always with anything knitted in my household to mamma for teaching me and making me persevere with knitting on dpn.  But I can safely say I am loving it and now hope when I have a bit more time on my hands to try them at sock knitting.  It too was on my to make list for this year.

Rabbits holding hands

I knew what I wanted to do with all my baubles and the collection is growing weekly as I am addicted to making them.  I wanted a bare branched tree in my house with all these colourful baubles dangling from it.  In reality when you live in an English house dating back to the 1600's, the ceiling height is a little prohibitive to bring in a tree.  So I made do with some twigs on the side board.  It sufficed and I enjoy them, but it wasn't quite the picture I had conjured up in my minds eye.  So what is a girl to do?  Go on location of course!  I left home an hour early for work today and took all the back roads to work with one thing in mind... find a bare tree in a location that would show off the English countryside in late Winter/early spring and by George, I think I found it. Despite not having the brilliant blue sky I longed for.

Knitted balls ready for transportation
to a secret UK location

Bare tree with English countryside background,
all it needs now is colour!


It was a tad windy today and so the baubles flew
about a bit in the fresh breeze but how colourful

Knitted baubles in the English countryside

Close up of the knitted baubles

And in case you were wondering, this is how they look at home...

My Norwegian corner

♥  Are you making anything for Easter?  ♥


  1. How fantastic Selma!!! I love that you took them out on a photo shoot! Did you have any passers by enquire what you were up to? You are definitely all set for Easter decorating! xx

    1. It was a very quiet very secret location!!! So no passers by. Hee hee

  2. They are so cute and very easter!, I am planning on sewing Bunny Bunting, and decopatch some eggs.xx

    1. Ooh bet the bunting will look fabulous. Great idea

  3. Your knitted baubles are fab! And I like your idea of taking them outdoors for a photo shoot. They all look great! I'm planning to make little birds made of paper with my girls for our Easter tree. X

    1. Your paper birds sound intriguing. I wish I were good at origami. I seem to be all fingers and thumbs

  4. Those eggs are just so gorgeous and they look fantastic hanging on the tree! Suzy x

  5. Selma, they are all just so wonderful. I love the way they look outside an din. Hugs to you,

    1. Thank you Meredith. They are fun to make too Hugs to you also

  6. Hello from a fellow blogger, knitter and also a fan of Arne and Carlos knits

    I came across your blog thru A & C website and I thought I'd say hello.
    I really like your yarnbombing of the English countryside. the eggs hanging from the branches look so pretty and cheery and also your corner looks very Easter-y now :)

    I have also knitted lots of A & C julekuler and Easter eggs as well as im knitting their rabbits. Do pop in on my blog, you may like it :)

    greetz from North Wales

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Just popped over to your blog and I love the knitted bags will be making some for sure. Lovely to "meet" you.


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