Rippling good fun and hazelnut cake

6th March 

Thinking ahead to the first of six crochet lesson,
all with cake of course.
March has arrived and so far so good, we even have spring weather but perhaps I should not shout that out too loud in case I have a forked tongue.

Talking last night at the first lesson of a course of six crochet sessions that I am running, many of us around the hooking table agreed that there is something very fast paced about life at the moment.  We all felt a little like we are on a treadmill and the speed is just a tad too fast.  Me, I need more hours in the day to complete all my work, chores and fun.  Something needs to give but I am not ready to let go.  One thing that I cannot do without, well, I suppose I could, but do not want to do without is crochet.  I find it both relaxing, therapeutic and it slows me down for the time that I allow myself to be immersed.  Maybe that is why I love these crochet sessions with six wonderfully funny and slightly naughty ladies. 

Hooking up a sample to show the ripple pattern

First attempt at ripple by a previous knitter,
now a converted crocheter

Some are making cushion covers from the ripple
and others another blanket

This keen lady started the week before the course
and chose Lucy's coastal colour pack

Where there is a crochet lesson led by me,
there will always be cake

At the beginning of each week I begin to think about the Thursday crochet session, what crocheting I need to do to teach the next step and crucially what cake to make to accompany the lesson.  I am constantly turning to old family favourites that I grew up with and have my mamma to thank for being such a great baker.  This week I used another of her bakes, hazelnut meringue cake.
Hazelnut Meringue Cake
You will need:
♥  4 eggs
♥  same weight of eggs in sugar
♥  250g ground hazelnuts

♥  1 tbsp. plain flour
♥  1 tsp baking powder

1.  Whisk egg whites till stiff. 
2.  Add in the sugar and whisk a little more.
3.  Gradually add in the egg yolks.
4.  Mix in the hazelnuts, flour and baking powder.

Place in a greased baking tin and bake in oven at 10 degrees Celsius for approximately 40 minutes.

Although this is called a meringue, the consistency is somewhat different, with a lovely crunchy nutty twist.  Try it, it's delicious on it own of lovely with a dollop of thick cream.

♥  Whatever you do this week end, enjoy  ♥


  1. I so agree with you, life is moving at too rapid of a pace for me. Knitting or crochet schleps me stay balanced. Enjoy your class.

    1. The crafts keep me grounded there is no doubt. Am really finding crochet therapeutic at the moment. But it's Minday again already, frighteningly fast.

  2. Sounds pretty much like heaven. Congratulations on beginning another successful and colourful crochet course. I look forward to seeing more of everyone's work. :-) (PS: If there's a break-in at your house and the only thing stolen is cake, you'll know it's me.)

  3. Wow, you are keeping your class busy!!! They are progressing well by moving straight on to the ripple. Obviously they are enjoying it and the cake - and I hope that you are enjoying the teaching too!! xx

    1. I look forward to Thursdays so very much. Wonder if we can tempt you over soon too...

  4. I love the ripple class, and your cake always looks yummy, xx


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