Christmas crochet and Christmas gifts

December 15th

In our family we have used corks for over 30 years at Christmas and dressed them up as Nisse, year on year we add to them.  Scroll down on my Nisse  to post to see. Last year I added to the collection by creating a crochet cork tree forest, so simple and such fun to make.  This year the addition has grown with inspiration from Instagrammer Flo and Dot.  Interestingly I inspired her to make the crochet trees.

Reindeer cork, inspiration from Flo and Dot

There is no pattern o the reindeer or snowman as I just made it up as I went along not thinking to write it down.  BUT if anyone is interested, just shout and I'll make more and write it as I go along!!

I've just realised my snow man could do with a hat and scarf, need to rectify this!

For instructions of the Christmas tree tutorial click on the link.

It's beginning to look a lot like a bow!
One bow tie ready for my 5 year old nephew

And matching hair bow for his twin sister
To make the bow part of the bow tie and hair bow:

Chain 28 and make a circle with a sl st
Row 1 dc into each chain, 28 st
Row 2-9 dc into each st
Row 10 *dc2tog, dc in next 2 st* repeat till the end of the row, 21 st
Row 11 *dc2tog then dc into next st* repeat till the end of the row, 14st
Row 12 *dc2tog then dc into each of the next 5 st*, repeat till the end of the row, 12st
Row 13 dc first stich, ch3, skip next 3 stiches
Row 14-15 dc into each st, 12 st
Row 16 dc into first st, ch3, skip next 3 st, dc into next 8, 12 st
Row 17 *dc into first 5 st, dc twice into next st* continue till the end of the row, 14 st
Row 18 *dc, then dc twice into next st* continue till the end of the row, 21 st
Row 19 *dc into first two st, dc twice into next st, continue till the end of the row, 28st
Row 20-28 dc into each st, 28 st

Fasten off.

For the Bow knot:

Row 1 Ch 17, intot he second chain form the hook, dc into each st, 16 st
Row 2-6dc 16 st, ch 1 and turn

Fasten off.

For the neck band:

Chain required amount for the small person's neck and allow an extra 10 chains.  Dc into in each chain at end of each row, chain 1 and turn.  I did this for 3 rows and then fastened off.

Putting it altogether:

Take the bow knot and sew it around the thinnest part of the bow tie.  Attach the neck band behind the bow tie and add Velcro to the opposite end and behind the bow tie.  this ensures that should it be tugged it will come off easily and not strangle or hurt small person.

For the hair bow, attach either an elastic hair band or bow clip and it's ready to wear!

No room in my house is left alone at this time of year and the study too had a quick make over with tapestry crochet.  I crocheted 2 harts on one side and 1 on the other.  Using as I often do, those that follow this blog, I up cycled an old yoghurt pot and crocheted around it for the desired effect adding this time a picot edge.  It's fun and quick to make.
The study gets a crochet make over too

Just right for my Sharpie pens

Men are notoriously difficult to buy for, let alone make for, but this year I think I have hit upon a great  idea.  I bought a very cheap ice scraper and crocheted a mitt for it.  Again simple, no pattern.  I just chained enough to easily first over my hand whilst wearing an overcoat and began to decrease as I approached my wrist culminating with a small enough hole to fit the ice scraper through.  Hope my dad likes this...

Ice scraper crochet mitt

Who doesn't make scarves at this time of year, a couple from the hook this year, nothing fancy, plain and simple...

Every year I have to crochet a scarf or two as well, don't you?

Another scarf on the hook for a last minute gift

In Norway you do not wear outdoor shoes in the house and when visiting others you either bring 'indoor' shoes or slippers or sometimes there is a basket of slippers available to guests.  I love this way of living and here show you a quick pair that would be great to wear around the home at Christmas or indeed to pop into your bag and take with you when visiting others, start a new trend in your area...

The beginnings of tapestry crochet slippers

Et voila, completed slippers for Christmas
For the pattern  see Heart slippers

And in case you need a few more Nisse in your life, what home wouldn't be complete without these at this time of year, here is my pattern for last years  Crochet nisse

  Wishing you all continued happiness, what are you up ?  


  1. Ooooh I love all these crocheted things! Eeee!!! I'll have to have a go, although I'd have to start in January to be ready for Christmas. x

    1. I've also decided to begin in the New Year for next Christmas. Let's chivvy each other along x

  2. Fabulous! I wish that I had seen the ice scraper sooner, I would have made one or two. Too late now! Will try and remember for next year! xx

    1. You could make it easily in an evening Amy ;)

  3. I love that bow tie on the white shirt and how the band lays along the neck. So cute (or should I say HANDSOME!)

    1. Yes, handiness the word Dee. Thanks for commenting, means a lot

  4. You do such a cute things!Those slippers with heart are so beautiful! I'd like to have such one!

    1. Thank you. The slippers are super comfy and I love anything with hearts


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