Scandinavian influenced Christmas embroidery

December 7th

It's easy to add the Scandinavian touch to your home at Christmas time, just add red!  But if you wanted something quick and homemade, red embroidery is very traditional.  Flowing lines and hearts and French knots, small leaves of a flowing line all create the Norwegian feel.

It's a good idea to sketch out your design first and there is a great sewing tool called the air erasable pen tip pen.  You can draw on the material your design and after a while it will evaporate, but leaving you enough time to sew the design, pure genius, have you used one?

Planning Christmas makes

Such fun planning and making

Completed felt hanging

Red embroidery felt hearts

When time is short a red button adds the necessary 'red'

A few months back I ordered mini embroidery hoops from Sonia of Dandelyne and they have sat in my cupboard until this month when I decided they would make great Christmas necklaces, adding that touch of Christmas to an outfit without being 'over the top'.  I am delighted with them and cannot wait to start wearing each one.  Should you wish to look into them the link is here

Small embroidery is quick and effective

Traditional Norwegian Christmas heart

Christmas embroidery necklaces
New Christmas necklace

   Happy Christmas making  


  1. Great ideas. What a marvellous pen, how useful and it makes you get a move on before it disappears. x

  2. I've seen those tiny hoops before, your'e right - they make lovely necklaces x

    1. Jo, they are brilliant. I've had them for month do t know why it took me so long to use them. Will order more now x

  3. Beautiful! I adore the necklaces and the hearts are beautiful too! Happy Christmas sewing! xx

    1. Thanks Amy. I'm finding the sewing so therapeutic. Should do more really

  4. These necklaces are the cutest idea! I especially love the heart design. I'm so enjoying your daily posts with your wonderful Christmas designs. Pat xx

    1. I'm so glad you are enjoying them Pat, that makes it worth while. I too especially love the heart necklace, couldn't be more Scandinavian could it!


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