Inspiration and War

June 20th

A light bulb moment

Where do you get your crafting inspiration from? 

It's a question that has been rolling around in my head for a while and in the past few days two good blogging friend's of mine have started to help me formulate my answer.

The lovely and generous Amy over at Love Made My Home recently posted about the four shawls she is designing all inspired by one of her favourite books, Little Women.  I thought this such a lovely thing to be inspired by and it has set my mind in all directions.  See how we can find inspiration from each other.  Cannot wait to see all her shawls complete and where her ideas lead my inspirations to...

The book that inspired Amy

Arne and Carlos' journals
Then of course the Norwegian duo whom I often return to again and again to help me in my dark days of not knowing what to make, Arne and Carlos below are just a few examples of their notebooks and journaling that help them on their creative journeys of designing and how to live.  Don't you just want to reach into the photo and open up one of those books, oh I so do!  The closest thing I can get for you is their video in showing how they make these books and how they fill them in, they really are a duo and work so well together... "Art journaling"

Years and years ago, more than I care to remember I too kept scrap books of ideas, I suppose they would be called mood boards now and in this digital era we live in maybe even Pintrest is the latest scrap book.  Having taken a break from scrap booking for many years I have myself tinkered with Pintrest, then abandoned it as my time was being sucked up by mindless web time but I seem to be coming out of this barren mood board creation. Designing urges are growing and my web browsing time is slowly increasing again one could say in direct proportion to the neglect of household chores and growing piles of stuff around the house   

But the latest inspiration actually is not from the web but from glossy magazines and the huge array of adverts that can be found within.  Here one can tell the latest trends and it sets the mind awhirl.  Now, anyone got some of these expensive glossy magazines hanging around I can peruse or must I hang about in various dentists and doctors surgeries.

Adverts are a great source of inspiration

So many ideas from this advert spring to mind

If you've read Phil's blog post Cherries,
you will see  I have stolen my marbles back! 
Ha! Phil, see it is war, I've been
to your blog and stolen them back ;)
And then my most recent inspiration has to be Phil over at The Twisted Yarn.  Those who have followed my blog for a while may have realised I have a bit of a fan crush on Phil, she is a knitter extraordinaire and in latter years has become fiendishly good at crocheting.  She and I seem to spur each other on like naughty school girls and any communication with her spins my head into overdrive and ideas and thoughts just bounce off each other, if only there were more hours in the day and that I could just settle down to achieve and accomplish even one of the ideas, I'd be a happy chappy.  But I'm trying and determined that the inspiration she gives me and pulls out of me will come to something, just watch this space... In the mean time she has written a post on our impending war, want to read...  Cherries ...
I will conquer, oh yes I will, just need to find the time to turn my idea into reality, but win I will!

♥  Where do you get your inspiration from?   ♥


  1. I love that butterfly advert, look at those colours! Sometimes you have to let the wool or material speak to you but it always amazes me what great ideas all our fellow bloggers come up with. Good luck with the cherries. x

  2. Nature, the colours of the seasons seem to influence me. Technology has certainly enabled us to share and be inspired by each other.

  3. Usually for me it is a beautiful yarn I see or a wonderful pattern that I must make right this second! I wish I was more creative like Amy and could design my own projects.

  4. Oh Selma, I hope you get your marbles back!! Surely crocheting cherries must be easier if one is as cack-handed with the dpns as I am. Inspiration strikes in unlikely places sometimes and I try and make a note of it somewhere so as I don't forget whatever it was :-) xx

  5. Glad you got your marbles back!! Glad to be of inspiration to you too! I look forward to seeing where your inspirations lead you... Looks as though your photo walk was inspiring!

  6. Having found your blog through Amy and CJ, I am looking forward to getting to know you better by following you through your posts! While I am inspired by the natural world around me, when it comes to crafting projects I usually have to see what others have made before I give the project a try. My attempts at following directions for anything generally result in "unique" [imperfect!] projects :) xx

  7. Inspiration - for me - can be as subtle as a colour or a flavour or a conversation or a photo and in some cases a direct request to make/knit/crochet/cook something and then I am off ready to do!!


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