Designing frustrations

July 1st

In my perfect world I crochet and knit all day and some wonderful fairy cleans my house, weeds the garden and feeds the family, in reality none of the above is true. 

In actual fact I am to be seen tearing around the house, trying my best to keep it clean and tidy when in essence all I do is move one pile from one room to another or if I am feeling particularly energetic I shove one of the numerous piles into a drawer or cupboard hoping no none but especially me, will need to open the draw or cupboard for fear of the drawer becoming wedged and having to frantically shove it the centimetre or two back and forth and trap ones hand in at the top.   Of course then there is the cupboard door that one opens in trepidation weary that opening it quickly will result in everything falling to the floor.  Hopefully I have learnt if I open it slowly I can often hold onto the items with one hand stopping them from falling and needing to be sorted and manage to extrapolate the required item.  Know what I am talking about?  No!  Oh well it's just me then...

So onto my perfect world where I knit and crochet all day...

The Scheepjes Cal is proving to be so much fun. 
Week 10 was how to make crochet look like knitting!

Week 11 was called dancing bobbles

Following others patterns is fun and I learn heaps in the process, there are so many different ways to create the same thing that it all adds to the experience and makes one more adventurous.  So much so that for some while I have been designing my own creations BUT my latest is proving to be either too ambitious or I am not feeling it.  The design has been on and off  for months now and we are having a battle of wills whereby it tells me I am useless at putting stitches together and I scream back that it is too touchy, the project yells back at me that I have no idea about tension.  At this point I strop off in a huff and fling said project into a corner.  Until I hear it whimpering and begging for attention again a few days later whereby we start our tirade of abuse towards each other.  Anyone else recognise this?  No!  Oh well, that's me all alone again ...

Starting well and I am sure I will
finish this design in no time

Using Rico cotton and loving the stitch definition

ARGHHHHHHH, and not for the first time on this design

Elsewhere in my life...

A quick dash into the capitol this week to sort
out a visa and spied this wonderful piece of graffiti art

In honour of Wimbledon I made
Pimms Cake for the crochet class

And finally today is July 1st and the sun shone briefly this morning just so we could have a quick breakfast outside before the children had to dash to school...

The sun shone for the first time
in a long while, it called for waffles

Joining in with   Amy   sharing my Five with you this week
and hoping the sun stays with us now for the summer...

Wordpress update: 
It would appear that ALL my comments on any WordPress blog end up in SPAM.  This does not happen to any other blogging platform and so know that I will make comments on WP but that you may need to look and retrieve from SPAM.  I have tested this out with one WP blogger and this is the case, she retrieves my comment and then it does turn up on her blogs comments, but be aware, despite having retrieved it any subsequent comments I make still go to spam
 and she needs to retrieve them!  Such a PAIN! 


  1. I definitely recognise the cupboard senario - it really isn't just you. You were so luck to have sun this morning and your `Wimbledon` cake looks delicious. The Red and white stripes look very striking. Have a great weekend and if the cleaning fairy pops around, please send her my way ha! xx

  2. The cupboard scenario is a thing of the past now that the girls have moved out but we have fond memories of the hall cupboard spilling everywhere constantly. I could do with a couple of cleaning fairies myself.

  3. Ohh you have made me laugh as I recognise all the scenarios you describe. The Wimbledon cake looks yummy - all that delicious fruit topping makes it healthy surely? I wish I had a cleaning fairy too but as she has not turned up today I had better get the vacuum out. That's if I can extract it from the cupboard without being buried in boxes.

  4. I have almost mastered the art of turning a blind eye to the housework. I just need to perfect it so that every now and then I have to go through the house dusting, polishing and vacuuming everything that doesn't move.

  5. Your idea of cleaning sounds like mine! When I go manage to get something clean someone comes along and dumps something on top of it because the surface is clean. I'd much rather be doing other things too. Your crochet looks wonderful.

    Here's to more crocheting!
    Have a great weekend

  6. I love the graffiti art. I follow loads on pinterest for strret art, there is some amazing talent out there. Loving the red and white of your pattern. Xx

  7. I know that closet, we call it a Fibber McGee closet, an old radio performer who would open a closet and all would fall out. The cake looks mighty tasty.

  8. I would like to sit and knit or crochet all day too but I fear my family would moan and complain. Oh well, maybe one day. Your cake looks like a triumph and with all that fruit it must be good for you. I confess that for as long as I've lived I have yet to try Pimms. I must have led a sheltered life. X

  9. Tidying up is much easier when the children have grown up and left home! However it's twice as bad when they whirlwind back home again. Your cake looks fab. x

  10. Delicious sounding cake! Shame we just emptied the bottle of pimms the other day! I am determined not to have things overflowing so am on a constant round of clearing out, but it is very hard work and not as easy as it sounds so I totally get the exploding drawer/cupboard problem. If you had seen my office this week you would have thought a bomb had gone off. Designing is very hard isn't it, much harder than people think, but well worth it in the end so keep persevering! Thank you for joining in with Five On Friday. I hope you have a fun weekend! xx

  11. Loving your cal crochet. It's so much more fun to crochet rather than tidy! Love the sound of the Pimms cake. Once I'm back from Ireland I'm onto that one. Have a great weekend:)

  12. I enjoyed your five. That cake looks delicious and very festive. Hope you have a lovely weekend. I'll check my spam again.

  13. For the moment with this bad cold weather in Belgium, my energy is gone ! Your crochets are beautiful !

  14. Your cake is pretty and of course, looks delicious.I imagine how busy breakfast you had with your children. But you were lucky to have a sunny day! The Red and white stripes looks cool. Have a good Sunday.

  15. It is fun to see that tidying has been an issue in your five this week, too! Cheers for your stitching and yummy looking cooking.

  16. Oh yeah, I well know, aboutwhat you speak!
    (I would like nothing more than the whole day make my art journals...)
    Cool graffitti and your foods looks all so yummy.
    Enjoy your summertime

  17. ooh your waffles look delish!! I love having breakfast outside.


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