Goro Christmas Cookies 1 2016

December 2nd

The latest addition to my Christmas kitchen: a goro maker

Since writing this blog I have relished the month of Christmas even more, the lead up to the big day is just as special and I love being in the kitchen with all those Christmas smells and Norwegian baking spices.

It is traditional in a Norwegian home to bake in the run up to Christmas 7 different cookies. Of course in these busy times we live in the tradition is slowly being lost but within our family the tradition is strong and I hope it will continue in my children's' homes as they grow and leave the nest.  After all this is how this blog came about, wanting to have all that is dear to me at Christmas on hand for my children written down and accessible when I am no longer here.

[For previous years cookie bakes see the end of the post]

Last year mamma brought over for me a Goro maker, a modern version of an old fashioned cookie mould that used to be made out of iron and placed in a fire oven to very quickly bake the cookies.  My one runs on electricity and the only thing I can liken it to is similar in looks to a waffle maker.  I know many of you will not have this and so my first bake of the Christmas season may exclude many of you, but I thought it worth blogging about it as it is such a traditional old fashioned Norwegian Christmas bake.

Goro recipe:
You will need:
♥  1 egg
♥  3/4 cup of sugar
♥  1 tsp vanilla extract
♥  1/2 cup whipping cream
♥  1 cup of butter
♥  2 3/4 cup plain flour
♥  1/2 tsp cardamon

Whip the cream until thick and set to one side.

Beat the egg and sugar until well 
combined and mix into the cream.

Combine all the dry ingredients.

Crumble the hard butter into the dry ingredients until it
resembles breadcrumbs 

Add to the egg mixture.

Still together, then knead it into a ball of dough

On a floured surface roll out thinly to about 2-3 mm

I used a cut out grease proof paper template of the side of the mould,
so that I know what size to roll out to without wasteage

Place the rolled out dough on the goro make and bake for
approximately 1 minute, it will crisp up quickly

Before you know it you will have a whole stack of goros.
It is best to divide them whilst they are still warm, else
you run the risk of breaking them when they cool and harden

Beautiful pattern makes a great adornment to a
coffee table cookie section

Previous years Christmas cookie bake recipes:

 2015 Cookie recipes  ~  scroll to the bottom of this post for all 2015 recipes


1 Pepperkaker
2 Serina kaker
3 Sugar cookies
4 Krumkaker
5 Saffron cookies
6 Honey coated chocolate cookies
7 Poor man cookies


1 Pepperkaker
2 Hasselnott meringues
3 Vanilje kranser
4 Krumkaker
5 Lussekatter
6 Brune kaker
7 Sandkaker

   Eat & Enjoy  

Do please let me know if you make any of these cookies or indeed if you think you have a recipe I may like, this is just my favourite time of year for baking...


  1. They look fabulous, Selma. Hopefully this year I will make some krumkake. It's a festive time of year. Enjoy. Pat xx

    1. Love krumkake Pat. Do you have the flat iron to create the pattern for them too? Did you see yesterday's advent cake? You might like it...

  2. How pretty! Such a nice (and delicious) tradition! Thank you for sharing this. xx Karen

  3. Almost too pretty to eat. X

    1. Ha! Yes Jules. You're right but still would be a terrible waste not to though...

  4. Don't they look great with the pretty pattern on! I bet they taste delicious. x

    1. They do Karen. On the table they're always a show stopper

  5. That is such a wonderful tradition. They certainly look amazing.

  6. They look delicious and so pretty. I love the decorations on your window ledge too!

  7. Wow! This is not only pleasant to look at - I bet it is heavenly delicious!!

  8. You know I may not be baking cookies but I am enjoying you baking cookies !
    They look scrumptious

  9. They are gorgeous. I love that you are keeping the traditions going in your home.

  10. The cookies look very impressive but I was also admiring the collection of crochet ornaments on your windowsill!


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