Christmas kitchen accessory

A touch of red gives it the Christmas feel

December 3rd

I have a problem but there does not seem to be a support group for it, so hence this blog is filled with many many posts about hearts. Yes hearts, I just love them and here is another for you.

Any colour could be used for this pattern could but I am in a grey mood these days, its a calming colour but to make it Christmassy there has to be red in there somewhere, right?

Here you are, hope you enjoy it as much as I am in looking at it in the kitchen and using it too.

Heart pot holder pattern:

Christmas heart oven globe
You will need dpn 

appropriate to the cotton yarn you use.  I suggest you take a thick cotton yarn.  I used dpn 4. Depending on the yarn and needles size, will dictate the height and width of the heart. This heart is approximately 22cm long and at it's widest 16cm  

CO 5 with Yarn A:  put 2 stitches on one needle and 3 on the other
R1 Knit the 5 stitches
R2 Increase to 10 stitches ~ I increase using the loop method and increase from the back
R3 & R4 Knit 10 stitches

Either follow the below pattern or follow the CHART 1 below.

R 1,2,3:  knit 5 stitches in Yarn A (10)

R 4:  Yarn B increase to 7 stitches (14)

R 5, 6:  knit 7 stitches (14)

R 7:  increase to 9 stitches (18)

R 8, 9:  knit  (18)

R 10, 11:  Yarn A (18)

R 12:  increase to 11 stitches (22)

R 13, 14:  (22)

R 15:  increase to 13 stitches (26)

R 16:  Yarn B (26)

R 17, 18:  (26)

R 19:  increase to 15 stitches (30)

R 20, 21:  (30)

R 22:  Yarn A increase to 17 stitches (34)

R 23, 24:  (34)

R 25:  increase to 19 stitches (38)

R 26 27:  (38)

R 28:  Yarn B increase to 21 stitches (42)

R 29:  (42)

R 30:  increase to 23 stitches (46)

R 31, 32, 33:  (46)

R 34:  Yarn A (46)

R 35, 36, 37: (46)

Now the heart divides to create the heart tops, this bit sounds complicated but it's not really, you just need to remember that we are now splitting the knitting into two sections, one for each top of the heart.

BEAR WITH ME HERE  At present you have 46 stitches. Leave the first 11 stitches on your needle and put the next 23 stitches on a stitch holder, these will form the left side of the heart top and we will knit these after we have completed the right side.  The remaining 12 stitches should also be kept on the needle.  This means you have 23 stitches on your needles and 23 stitches on a stitch holder.  

Right side has been knitted and left still on stitch holder

R 38:  Continue in Yarn A  
Divide your 23 stitches onto the four dpn thus: 5, 6, 6, 6
Make 1 stitch by going in through the back loop, knit 11, make 1 stitch, knit 12 and finally make 1 stitch (26)

R 39:  (26)

R 40:  Yarn B,  41, 42, 43, 44, 45 (26)

R 46: Yarn A *k2tog, knit 9, k2tog* repeat between ** (22)

R 47,48:  (22)

R 49:  *k2tog, knit 7, k2tog* repeat between ** (18)

R 50, 51: (18)

R 52: Yarn B *k2tog, knit 5, k2tog* repeat between ** (14)

R 53: *k2tog, knit 3, k2tog* repeat between ** (10)

Cast off close up the gap 

The right side of the heart is now complete.

Take the stitches off the stitch holder and put onto dpn and complete the left side from R38 - R53

Crochet border:

I used a Christmas red:

Start at the bottom of the heart at the point.  Crochet one long deep single crochet stitch about 1cm long into the pot holder, look at photo for clarification.  
*Ch 2 then make another long single crochet stitch*
Repeat this process between ** until you reach the dip between the two heart tops.  

Here I made 3 deep single crochet stitches from the same point, again see photo for clarification. 

Continue as before between ** until you reach the top outer edge of the second heart top.  

Now we will construct the hanging loop:  Ch 30. In 2nd chain from the hook sc for 28 stitches and join the loop with a slip stitch to the main body of the heart.  Continue as before between ** until you reach the beginning, slip stitch to finish and weave in ends.  

♥  Hope you have a wonderful time 
in your kitchen leading up to the big day  ♥

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