Christmas cafe style curtains

Christmas curtains
December  4th

Top of the curtain showing curtain pole eyelets
I wanted something to make a statement in our room and although we normally have long curtains here that we close in the Winter, I decided time and aesthetically  long crocheted curtains were not the way to go, hence cafe style curtains with bobbles!  It does mean we sacrifice a teeny weeny bit of warmth, we live in an old 17th century house and our windows are single pane, but I thought the warmth of the colour red and a roaring log fire at the opposite end of the room would have to be enough to keep us toasty.  Sometimes you have to sacrifice a little for a particular look ;)

I used DK yarn with two stands and a 8 mm hook
Red was just over 200 g and white was just under 100 g
For a 130 cm long curtain pole I had a starting chain of 200
Note:  on bobble rows carry the second colour behind and trap it in between the stitches until ready to make first bobble

ch 200 ~ approx length 185 cm
R1:  Ch 1 more and turn, sc into second chain from the hook and complete the whole row with sc
R2:  Ch 1 and turn at the end of every row sc whole row
R3 & R4:  Ch 1 and turn *sc for 5 stitches, then sl st for next 5 stitches* repeat to the end of the row
R5:  Ch 1 and turn sc in each sc and ch 5 over the sl st gaps repeat till the end of the row
R6 & R7:  Ch 1 and turn sc across
R8: Ch 1 and turn  [Pick up white yarn (again use two strands) and trap the white yarn between the red yarn stitches until you need it. See photo below.]  *Sc for 10 stitches.  Switch to white yarn and ch 3 in next stitch hdc six times in the same stitch BUT do not  on any hdc pull through the last loop.  thus you will end up with 6 loops on the hook.  Yarn over and pull through all loops. Switch back to red yarn.*  Repeat between ** until the end of the row.  Leave a long white tail for weaving in the end and cut off white yarn only.
R9 - R12:  sc in each stitch
R13:  Repeat R8
R14 - R17 sc in each stitch Cut yarn and fasten off.

You can choose to make longer curtains,
but this was the right fit for mine to
avoid blocking out any light in the dark months
Using double strand of yarn can the
curtain weight and allowed for the natural curve
to form and hold it's shape

♥  Adding some quick Christmas hygge to our home  ♥


  1. So sweet. I don't know where you get your ideas from. No way would I have guessed what you were making from your teaser. We're making the gingerbread for our house today. It should be fun. 🎄 x

    1. Oh enjoy your gingerbread making Jules. The house will smell wonderful. He he he about my earlier teaser!

  2. That looks so cosy and festive!

  3. It looks amazing, a beautiful make.

  4. I love the bobbles, it all looks so Christmassy. x

  5. Nice touch! The look so festive.

  6. Love it! Looks festive and cozy!

  7. THose are so much fun. I made Japanese flower curtains for my office, all in white. I love them.

  8. They look so cosy and cute bring festive cheer.


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