Christmas bauble

December 8th

London bus bauble

My sister moved to the USA three years ago and this great book by Mille Masterton landed on my door mat last month.  The two became connected, why?  Inside among many quirky fun projects was a Christmas bauble of a London bus.  As I love Christmas so much and my sister is no longer in the UK, I thought this would be a great lift pre- Christmas gift for her.
Great book with some quirky fun crochet project 
The pattern instructions were clear and it was incredibly quick to hook up.  Two red bus pieces were made with htr and each of the windows, bus board name, radiator grille, and lights were made separately and then sewn on to the front of the bus.  Both bus pieces were then crocheted together with dc and gentle stuffed with a small amount of toy stuffing.  Wheel and wing mirrors were cleverly then made once the bus was complete. It could not have been simpler.

Crochet Christmas bauble, London style
Inside the same book there are other cute Christmas makes too, take a look...

Teeny stocking

Adorable mistletoe

Small Christmas puds

So here's hoping she will like it...

A gift for my sister who lives in the USA to remind her of  home

...and in the mean time, I spotted this London skyline cushion in the book too, 
think this could be my New Year project!

  If you are on the hunt for a new 
crochet book, add this to your Christmas wish list  


  1. How unusual and an ideal present for someone overseas. x

  2. The book looks amazing. Maybe I should start dropping hints. A great make to send overseas, beautiful. Take care.

    1. You should drop hints mama. I really like it

  3. What lovely makes, I am sure that your sister will love her bus!

  4. I love the London bus! I'm sure your sister will love it. I also like the London skyline - I've never seen such a design in crochet before. I'll be keeping an eye out for the book. x

    1. I was really taken with the skyline too. She loved the bus bauble Marion, who knows when I make the skyline cushion it may end up on her sofa!


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