Pepperkaker Christmas Cookies 3 2016

December 9th

I always use heart cutters for pepperkake
but you can use any shape
I make no apologies for this recipe being posted every year.  Why? because it's the best and because it is the most traditional of all the Christmas cookie baking in Norway.  Get your ingredients ready and let's start baking...

This is the 3rd of 7 cookies i shall be sharing with you this month, the previous 2 in case you missed them are:

Goro Cookie 1

Brunne Pinner Cookie 2

Out this recipe comes year after year, we NEVER tire of it

NOTE 1:  It is really imperative to put the DOUGH MIXTURE into the fridge over night, therefore MAKE IT THE DAY BEFORE you need to bake the biscuits.

Any cookies at Christmas make a lovely gift
NOTE 2:  This mixture also freezes very well, so you could freeze half the dough if you so wished.  I never do, as the biscuits keep well in an air tight container and actually I tend to have to make a second or third batch during this Advent season.  They seem to be so popular that the children take them in tins to school.  My sister is known for her Secret Santa parties and each year there is a demand for these biscuits to make an appearance.  Last year she entered them for her works cookie competition, they did not win, what d they know, but we think they are a winner, give them a try and see what you think.

NOTE 3:  The dough mixture softens quickly once out of the fridge, it may seem hard to get out of the bowl, but this will soon change, so handle it as little as possible and put back into the fridge that which you are not immediately using.  Roll out to normal biscuit depth and cut with seasonal shapes.  I tend to stick with the traditional heart shape, this too is very Norwegian and all shop bought Pepperkake will be this shape.  We keep ours plain with no icing, but many now add white icing outlines to the outer edge of the cookies, less is more in this instance I think!


 Melt on a low heat, the syrup, sugar and butter.

 Allow to cool ever so slightly and then beat in the egg thoroughly.
Using grease proof paper to line the baking tray is a good idea

 Sift in the flour, baking powder and spice and mix well.

At this stage the dough is quite gloopy, I tend to leave it in the pan and then place it in the fridge overnight, but you can transfer to a smaller bowl if you so wished.

 The next day take out only a small amount of dough (see note 3) and roll out on a floured surface to about 3-4 mm thick and cut out shapes placing cookies on a grease proof lined baking tray.  this is important.

 Bake on 175 degrees for approximately 10 minutes, or as in my fast oven less, until just golden brown.

 Cool on a wire rack before either icing or placing in an air tight container.  These will last for 2-3 weeks.

All ready for Christmas

  Enjoy Norway's favourite Christmas cookie  


  1. They look amazing, it is such a joy to have different recipes from around the world. I will certainly be giving these a go. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Dough in the fridge as we speak xx


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