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      All About Me

      Hello and welcome to Eclectic home life. Grab a coffee, tea or something stronger and join me a while in this busy world we lead. 
      I am a person who is interested in learning and trying new things and this is where I share my current passions.  A strong thread throughout the blog will be my main loves that of crochet, knitting baking and sailing and now more recently glass fusing. 

      An important part of my life comes from my Norwegian heritage and here I also share much from Norway and Scandinavia and Scandi ways of living and doing things.

      This blog came about in December of 2013 a few months after I lost a dear friend.  Why did that prompt me to blog?  I have loved Christmas for as long as I can remember and there are many things that I do and create, the atmosphere, the baking, the crafts that have been handed down to me from my mother and in turn from her mother.  I panicked and was worried should I no longer be here would my children remember this important time and traditions that had been handed down:  the warmth and cosiness that we have in our home at Christmas.  I know, I'm rambling, are you still with me, has your coffee gone cold, do you need to pour another glass of wine?  Let me just take a sip and I'll continue.

      So I sat with pen in hand and a lovely new note book to make my Christmas diary for my children, when it dawned on me that in this day and age perhaps it would be more sensible to put it all down on the computer where I could easily access the photographs that I wanted to accompany the Christmas baking posts and others.  From here it wasn't long before I realised that maybe blogging would be the way to go and initially I thought I would just post in December, oh how naïve I was...

      I try and post weekly except in December when I post every day and our house falls apart as I neglect everything except to feed the beast that is this blog.  When I'm not blogging I am a mother to a teenage girl and boy, a teacher by day and am married to a chap who swept me off my feet but who would rather we were sailing each and every day.  Welcome to my very eclectic world.

      I am delighted by comments on the blog and respond to each one, although depending on the time of day and where I am I may reply in a few minutes or in a day or two, but reply I will.  I'm always happy for dialogue and to talk crafting and Scandi things, should you wish to contact me, after all that is what this blogging community is all about sharing and being inspired by each other.  
      You can reach me at eclectichomeandlife@gmail.com



      1. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos of your sunny day walk about your village. It brought back happy memories of our two short years in Barton Mills, Suffolk. We've been back in the US for 25 years now but your blog allows us a little window on a place we learned to love. Please continue sharing.

      2. Thank you Diane for taking the time to comment and I am delighted that my view on life here brings you some joy. I promise I will continue to share with you the changing seasons and all things quintessentially British from my neck of the woods x

      3. Hi Diane. Your blog is listed as the source of an image of painted (sharpie?) sea shells:



        -- I wonder, did you make them? If not, do you know who did?

      4. I have only today discovered your wonderful website. Would you be kind enough to let me have the pattern for the knitted scandinavian hanging hearts please? Thanks so much sheilamarsh@hotmail.co.uk

        1. Have sent you a reply Shelia, thanks for stopping by xxx


      I will always read all comments and will try to reply but it may take me a couple of days, do please pop back and lets get a conversation going...