Colours and inspiration

12th February

I have been 'off ' my game so to speak this week AGAIN!  Beginning to wonder if I am suffering from S.A.D so I turned to old photographs to inspire me and bring back my enthusiasm which is normally oh so me.  Are you inspired by colour and nature?  Everywhere I walk, drive, visit becomes this wonderful mind map of colours and inspiration, sometimes I am able to capture it in a photo to remind me later and other times I try and commit it to my memory. My cup over flows with all these colours whizzing and swirling around wanting me to put them into a crafting make...  Sharing with you today five colours that I hope can in someway inspire you too...







Sharing my colours that inspire today and joining in with
Amy at Love Made My Home, pop over and see what others are sharing
  Hope your weekend is filled with Valentine love  

A village walk Sunlit Sunday 4

February 7th

Let me take you on a little walk in my surrounding area.  Wrap up warm, the sun maybe out but it's still quite chilly.  Ready?  Let's go...

Holly in my front garden, you can just
see our house chimneys in the background

The centre of our village

Blossom is out!

The difference between the blue and the green was so striking

I just love looking up too

As I only had my hone with me I was
not able to grab a great capture
of the red kites up above

Traditional British post box in the sun

The sun allowed for the reflections to be striking

Everywhere now the daffodils are out

The catkins are budding

I couldn't help but bring a few catkins home

Whilst in my garden I noticed next to the snowdrops
the narcissi were out in bloom and the
hyacinth will not be long now

After a sunlit walk I brought the catkins indoors

Pop back in a day or two and I will share with you my latest walk following in the trail of Agatha Christie and where she used to live...

Now I must get back to knitting that jumper... 

Joining in with   Karen looking for those sunlit moments in the week
which make these grey wet days just that much more manageable. 

   Hope the week brings you many sunlit moments   ♥

National Wear Red Day

British Heart Foundation Wear it Red day
February 5th   ♥

Today in much of the world it is a national wear red day today.  Why?  To highlight the big killer that is heart disease. Wear red day is today, organised by the British Heart foundation ( UK )   and I am going  to be wearing red.   

Many die of this every year and look at the photo, 12 babies in the UK alone are born with heart defeats every day  and 400 people a day die from it!  That's a huge number. 

All over the world heart disease is a problem and many countries are wearing red today.  In America it is in its 13th year.  ( USA and Canada )  And I notice Australia are also involved but their wear it red day is a tad later on Feb 26th, so you have some time to get organised. ( Australia )

Had a search through my wardrobe and decided my red poncho would not be enough and it needed sprucing up.  I often wear red so nobody would think it 'different', but they might now don't you think?

Hoping people will now ask
me why I am wearing all these hearts

Keeping on the theme of red and perhaps not quite so healthy after writing about heart disease but I could not resist sharing these cookies.  I cannot vouch for there taste as have not yet tried them and I suspect they could be a bit of a faff to make, but Oh my goodness they look divine.  My daughter and I are going to give them a try, hopefully this week end...  Heart cookies

Perfect for Valentines, or other shapes
at different times of the year perhaps.

Crocheted napkins holders
And just look at this knitted goodness of health!  If I had smaller children I would definitely be badgering the talented Jules (formally of the blog The Hidden Jem) for the pattern to these vegetables.  How wonderful for the children to have these in their play kitchen.  Jules you ARE very talented and thank you for sharing your photo with us.  Have you ever knitted or crocheted food?  So many people have, I am yet to jump on that band wagon, although thinking about it now I did crochet some rather lovely serviette holders last summer, ummm, where have they gone?!?!?

The carrots are perfection, such fun

As for me I have so many thoughts running through my head that I am not productive at all.  I keep thinking ooh I'll try that and then begin but get distracted by something else.  This really is no good and I am off after posting this to have a very stern talking to myself to buck my ideas up.  Do you ever suffer from this problem?  The one thing that is constant and that I do keep returning to well I do not have a choice as there is a birthday dead line to meet. Is the surprise jumper for my husband.  Main body is completed up to sleeve level, the new dpn arrived so I can continue with the sleeves themselves and soon it will be time to add in the pattern and knit it fairisle style!  Yeah! 

The jumper so far...

Simply knitting free pattern

Lastly, I need your help.  My husband has asked for a Shaun the sheep hat.  I have tracked down a great 'free' pattern from Simply Knitting of the sheep I would like to use, but their link does not seem to be working!  I have emailed the magazine but I suspect I am low down on their priority list to respond to.  Normally I would not dream of asking anyone to share a pattern with me due to copyright etc but I'm thinking as they offer it for free... does anyone have the below pattern?  It's not specifically for a hat, I will use my own hat pattern for it, just want the chart for the sheep.  If not I will have to resort to charting one up for myself, but would rather not.  Can anyone help?  If so please email me at eclectichomeandlife(at)gmail(dot)com The link that I could not get to work is here:  Shaun the sheep Simply Knitting pattern

The above has had to be struck out as in finding the link to share with you all, the chart popped out this time!!! As this was my 5th thing to share with you, I've kept it in although I now no longer need your able assistance, but thanks for the offer in any case...
Joining in today with   Amy sharing my five with you on this
Wear it Red Day for the British Heart Foundation.
♥  Wearing lots of red today  

Sunlit Sunday 3

January 31st

Some weeks are easier than others to search for and find the sunlight in your own life.  This has been one of those weeks for me.  I am being totally self centred and all my problems are first world ones and so really I should just shut up and put up but sometimes it's hard.  Do you know what I mean?  I continue to be grateful for Sunlit Sundays because despite the way my week panned out it made me really search for and look for the brightness and lightness around me, and even when feeling blue, it worked and it began to cheer me up.

On Tuesday I had a mad idea that I missed nature too much and so I dashed outside in the dark to find a couple of leaves and to play with them along with some yarn.  In my enthusiasm I slipped over the very wet grass, it has rained here for weeks on end and ended up hurting myself quite badly.  Not to be beaten I did start to crochet around the leaf but my heart wasn't in it by then and it was harder than I expected. Nature and yarn did not want to play with me either. 

Nature and crochet?!?!?
In searching for happiness and 'sunlit' thoughts and ideas, in a twisted way these old 'should have been thrown away before' tulips actually made me smile.  You see I am not my normal self this week. I love the shadows that the dried opened out petals created below though... 

Modern art in flower form?

But truly I found my one and only 'sunlit' moment on Thursday.  When after having three quite disastrous things happen to me, the sun came out in all it's glory.  It was still cold, but there was no rain, there was however lots of cold wind but it didn't deter me.  I donned on my down filled jacket, made my lunch and moved the chair and table onto the middle of the lawn and sat eating peacefully all alone in the sunshine.  It was sheer heaven.  I may have been a tad cold but my face raised itself up to that elusive yellow ball in the sky and I drank in the vitamin D.  This was the best I felt all week and thank goodness for it. 
I found my sunlit moment. 

The sun created such crisp shadows

Joining in with Karen for Sunlit Sunday. Pop over and see what others are sharing:

        ❤️ Hoping the sun shines for you            
           wherever  you are this week  ❤️